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Welcome to CILLYart4Us KIDS KORNER for July 2017! We are about halfway into summer and we hope that you are enjoying lots of fun activities with your families and friends!

July in the USA is an important month, as it is the anniversary of celebrating our independence as a nation…our “national birthday” is July 4th! Most who live here (citizens & other residents) take advantage of this holiday to celebrate with family and close friends with picnics, parades, special outings to see firework displays in the dark of the night!  I remember sitting on the rooftop of our house with my family to watch the different firework shows going on around the valley in the Phoenix metro area here in Arizona. Now, as a grandmother, I do a little less climbing up onto rooftops as I did as a child or mother of a young family. However, there are many other ways to enjoy fireworks and to celebrate! We enjoy many opportunities and blessings being a part of our countries, and so it is important to recognize this, be grateful to all those who helped form our nations and also help us to maintain our freedoms and protect us, our families, our communities and our country. Happy Birthday to the United States of America…and to all its people!

Beside celebrating Independence Day, my family joins others in honoring PIONEER DAY on July 24th. It is a day that many celebrate in the western states in certain areas, but especially in the state of Utah.  It is a celebration of how our ancestors struggled to travel west, most in the 1800’s, expanding the growth of our nation from coast to coast, finding a better place to provide for their families, freedoms and future posterity.  Many traveled in covered wagons or pulled handcarts, walking all the way across this huge land, sacrificing so much to build a better life for themselves and future generations. There are many types of pioneers out there! A pioneer is a person who is among the first to explore or settle a new country or area…or a person that develops or is the first to use or apply (a new method, area of knowledge, or activity). Who was or is a pioneer in your family? Are you a pioneer too?



KIDS KORNER - Reading Focus on BKS 1 & 2 of MONKEY KINGS DAUGHTER...July 2017

As a life-long, passionate reader of children’s books and stories, a parent, an aunt to many, a retired elementary school teacher, and now an author-illustrator of children’s books…I wanted to share this fun series with you, THE MONKEY KING’S DAUGHTER!  I have yet to read books 3 and 4, but this is a delightful, fantastical tale of Chinese lore and culture mixed in with modern day life! It is said to be recommended for 8 years and older…and I’d say that is about right, but it could be a fun story time read for families with children of multiple ages. Since I really enjoy fairy tales and mythology written and shared for children and families, I’d recommend this series for some magical reading adventure fun…especially for any martial arts fans out there! I am looking forward to Meilin’s new adventures in books 3 and 4 and love learning a bit more about Chinese lore (especially about the Monkey King) and culture! Our world is full of fun cultures, traditions and creativity!

KIDS KORNER TTofMB ad...July 2017



Check out the fun patriotic & pioneer day games options listed below and play with family & friends on this special holiday! Many thanks to our CILLYart4U chum, Bethany, for researching these game options out to share with all our readers, followers and fans to enjoy! A SUPER THANK YOU for so many who share great ideas online! Check these out below:

KIDS KORNER - July 2017 Fun Activities & Games #1...

Go to the above link to print out the different playboard sheets of this BINGO game and get this fun a-going!


KIDS KORNER - July 2017 Fun Activities & Games #2..

Print up these scavenger hunt sheets out, buddy-up and have a ball seeing who gets “all” first!


KIDS KORNER - July 2017 Fun Activities & Games #3..

Now…for a bit o’ Pioneer Day fun! Above is one of the fun, yet simple games young pioneer children used to play in the sunshine when they had a break between their chores! If you are a fan of TAG, this variation is a new challenge for you!




KIDS KORNER - July 2017 Creative Arts & Crafts #1..


  • Start by laying your paper on a cookie sheet so the salt doesn’t get all over the place.
  • Draw out your design with the glue. It works better if you do it thick. If you aren’t comfortable free handing a design, draw it out with a white crayon or colored pencil first.
  • Next, sprinkle salt over the glue before it dries. Apply generously! You want to get everything covered. Shake off excess salt onto your tray.
  • Get your watercolors really wet, and lightly paint onto the salt. You can use food coloring and an eye dropper here if you’d prefer. You don’t want to drag it too much or it will mess up the salt. I tried to get my brush extra drippy so I barely had to tap the design. Have fun with colors! It looks great when they bleed together.
  • Let project dry completely and you are done! Your kids will love how the salt sparkles when it’s all dry.

*Over time this project will flake off and won’t last forever, so make sure to take pictures of your kiddos creating!

UPDATE: A reader shared this awesome tip with us. Spray your project with hairspray when you are done to make it last longer.

KIDS KORNER - July 2017 Creative Arts & Crafts #1-A..


KIDS KORNER - July 2017 Creative Arts & Crafts #2..


  1. Cut some paper into confetti sized squares.  Set aside.
  2. Next, decorate your tubes anyway you like.  Here I just taped some patriotic themed paper to each tube.
  3. Then, cut a balloon in half and tie the end. Wrap the larger end of the balloon over one end of a tube and secure with tape.  Try your best to keep the balloon taut but don’t bend the tube.  And that’s it.

Take your poppers and stash of confetti outside.  To use your popper, add a heavy pinch of confetti to the tube.  Point the tube out, pull back the balloon end and let go.  No big bangs or smoke but still very cool!  Don’t you think? Enjoy your holiday! (July 2nd, 2012 by Josie)

KIDS KORNER - July 2017 Creative Arts & Crafts #2-A..


PIONEER DAY Color-N-Create-Me-A-Diorama!

KIDS KORNER - July 2017 Creative Arts & Crafts #3..

Color, cut and create your own pioneer scene for PIONEER DAY on July 24th, 2017!


Now…enjoy our CILLYart4U Original Coloring Pages for July 2017!

 MER-coloring pages for July 2017

Original MER-coloring pages for July 2017 are:

  1. MER-date to see Independence Day Fireworks!
  2. MER-sister summer picnic!

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You will be included in our email list and receive the current month’s coloring page and each new month, more coloring fun to print out to enjoy coloring for the children, family and with your friends too. Many are CILLYart@CILLYart4U originals!

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Have a fun and safe July! Until next time…



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