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May 2018

Helloooooo, May 2018…and the fun of Mother’s Day, the ending the school year and the beginning of summer vacation…as well as honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation and the freedoms and opportunities we enjoy!

Hello, May 2018 from CILLYart4U...


We continue to focus on springtime and the variety of May flowers and their vibrant and soft colors…tho’  here in the desert landscapes of Arizona in comparison to other places, some of the less hearty flowers have already begun to wilt and die off as our summer temperatures arrive early! Just in recent days, we have experienced 96-99 degrees Fahrenheit here in the valley of the sun (Phoenix-metro area). We hope for rain to come and cool things down a bit so we can recapture a bit of true springtime weather once again before summer blazes HOT!

IJAMID & IJAMMID 3-quarter sleeve raglan shirts...MAR 2018 ad photo

FYI…our CILLYart4U Online Store’s GRAND OPENING beginning April 2, 2018 fizzled out almost immediately as we encountered problems with our first order! Tho’ this store is still online for browsing at…we continue ironing out production issues and potential problems of our products for future customers. Please stay tuned…our GRAND OPENING is still pending and we hope we will be open for business by June 2018!




(Book reviews are done by CILLYart herself!)


How to Babysit A Grandma by Jean Reagan:

This is a delightful HOW TO book for children in enjoying time with grandma! Since it is Mother’s Day this month, this would be a great book to read for children because grandmothers are definitely one of the special mommies we want to celebrate in our lives!  The little girl in the story shares some great ideas to use when you get to go visit with…or “babysit” your grandma! I bet most of these ideas, if not all would work on having fun with your grandpa or a great-auntie too!  The colorful story illustrations show how many of her ideas could possibly look too! Check it out at your favorite bookstore or local library today! 


KK reviews for Mother's Day & Last Day of Blues


Last Day Blues (Mrs. Hartwell’s Class Adventures) by Julie Danneberg:

This is one in a series of Mrs. Hartwell classroom adventures, specifically about the school year coming to a close and how students will miss each other, things they do love about school and learning, and even miss their teacher! But this story emphasizes in a funny way how even the teachers look forward to summer vacation…just like their students! WOO HOO!  Don’t forget to enjoy this book with your family and class…and don’t forget to enjoy the remainder of your school year and the beginning of summer. Check it out at your favorite bookstore or local library today!

Now for a sneak peek into the third middle-grade novel/chapter book of our TWIN TAILS Series (TWIN TAILS Book 3)! What do you think is happening in each of this line story illustration shown below?

KK 5-2018...sneak peek #4 into TT BK 3

Just a reminder… TWIN TAILS of Mason Beach and TWIN TAILS: Song of The Siren are available for purchase via, and are on our product line up of CILLYart4U Online Store at:

…and its pending GRAND (re-) OPENING! However, feel free to request and purchase these engaging, magical MER-adventures at your local libraries and favorite bookstores! 




Our fun focus this month is on Mothers Day and End of the School Year games/activities!

An M&M (Mom & Me Moment) fun activity for Mother's Day...5-2018

For this wonderful activity idea, we’re giving thanks to:

This M&M activity printable is found at the above website! This is how you make them.  The fun size M&M’s are perfect size for these too.

1-Print out the printable.  Two of  them come on one sheet.

2-Cut the games out with a paper trimmer.

M&M Mother's Day Activity...steps 1, 2 & 3

3-Then using a hole punch, tie the candy onto the game.  I used baker’s twine. So easy to make and what a great game to play with your kids!


Balloon POP Countdown...5-2018

Thanks to for this terrific end-of-the year activity for classrooms, home school scenarios, and families too!

Jivey’s free download on the link below provides MORE ideas than you will be able to use, so you  have plenty to choose from. Most of what is listed are “free” things to do. Some require students/children to wear or bring something from home. Don’t want to do any kind of food? Skip that page! Do as many as you want…you can make it a twenty-day-countdown or even a five-day-countdown! Make it work for you!

Cut apart the slips you want to use and roll them up, then stick each rolled up slip into a balloon before blowing it up.

One of the struggles you might have is actually managing the balloons. Here are a few suggestions of ways to have your countdown:

  1. Print off two copies of the activity slips. One will be used inside the balloons, but the other will be for your records- number this page with the “days” you are doing each one, and number the balloons to match. NO SURPRISES with this method – well, not for you anyway. This one is especially important if you want to use the food slips, for example. You’ll want to know when you need the supplies for them, and can ask parents ahead of time to send in goodies, too. (No one wants a note home the afternoon before an ice cream party that they need to send in two quarts of chocolate syrup.)
  2. Maybe you DO like surprises! I suggest choosing activity slips that don’t require a lot of planning ahead, then stuff those balloons! You could let a student choose which one to pop in this case.
  3. Use it as a behavior incentive. At the end of the day, if everyone has had a “good day,” pop a balloon to see what special activity will be the next day.
  4. Hang the balloons from the board, a piece of string, or even from ribbons attached to the ceiling! Here are some ideas:

Balloon POP Countdown set-up ideas...5-2018






  1. The actual popping can be done with a pin or thumbtack, or by sitting on the balloon, or in the upper grades- (if you’re super daring) letting a student throw a dart! This could also be a great behavior incentive- let a student who had an AWESOME behavior day pop the balloon.

This idea is just one of many from the bloggers of The Primary Peach!





Our creative focus is on Mothers Day and End-of-the-School-Year!

Dark Chocolate Mothers Day Bouquet

Mother's Day Candy Bouquet...5-2018

Thanks to…

Edible Chocolate Flower Arrangement Materials:

  • DOVE ® Dark Chocolate PROMISES ® in assorted flavors
  • green paint
  • bamboo skewers
  • scissors
  • colorful cardstock
  • double-sided tape
  • hot glue gun
  • floral arranging foam
  • vase (preferably opaque)

1-Start by painting the bamboo skewers green.  You can actually buy pre-painted green skewers in the floral section of any major craft store, but if you already have the paint and skewers in your home…you can just use these.

Mother's Day Candy Bouquet - steps 1, 2 & 3...5-2018

2-Cut some flower shapes out of colorful, heavy cardstock.  Definitely use a nice, sturdy cardstock for this project, because these paper flowers are going to provide the support for the chocolate candy petals.  Construction paper just isn’t going to cut it.

Trace around a flower cookie cutter or free-hand the flower or find some free clip art to use as a template.

3-Cut out the cardstock flowers.

Mother's Day Candy Bouquet - steps 4 & 5...5-2018  

4-Glue the bamboo sticks to the back of the flowers. The flowers might be a little heavy for just tape that once they’re laden with chocolate.

5-Apply double-sided tape to the paper flowers, and then simply stick your chocolate petals right on!  Fast and easy.

Use a contrasting color/flavor of the DOVE® PROMISES® for the center of the petals, then you get to sample all of the delicious possibilities.

Mother's Day Candy Bouquet - step 6...5-2018

6-Once the flowers have been made, trim a piece of floral foam to fit inside a vase.  This charming little ceramic mason jar vase at Michael’s was perfect for this project!  It matches the theme, and is opaque, hiding the drab floral foam.  It is also nice and heavy, which helped give the whole arrangement stability.  These chocolate flowers are pretty top-heavy! You can also paint the interior and exterior of a mason jar you may already have in your home.

Stick the flowers in the foam and add a few cardstock leaves, if you’d like. Real flowers are nice, of course, but so is chocolate! This would also make a fabulous teacher’s gift! Teacher Appreciation Week is right around the corner!


End-of-the-school-year MEMORY BOOK! 5-2018

Thanks to:

This terrific “Memory Book” created by a fabulous homeschooling mother is a great item for parents and teachers to help their children & students create at the end of every school year! There are pages for farewell comments & signatures from teachers, classmates, friends, and a few photos too!


  • photos of school projects, field trips, volunteer work, etc.
  • markers, pens or pencils and embellishments such a stickers, ribbon, etc.
  • white card stock
  • color printer or add colors with markers after printing in black & white
  • scissors
  • End of School Year MemoryBook FREE Printable accessible from the above link!



  1. Give each child a chance to review photos from the school year you may have to share with them.
  2. Print the End of School Year MemoryBook FREE Printable pages on white card stock, then have the children/students cut out the cards/pages to their books.
  3. Complete the information on the cards, decorate with markers and any stickers. (optional) and insert into the photo album.  Additional cards can be used to document information about photos, special memories from the year, etc.

We hope you have fun collecting and preserving your school year memories in these special Memory Books!


NOW! Check below for original & fun, MER-coloring pages of May 2018!

5-2018...A Rose for My MER-Mother! LG copyright label

A rose for my MER-Mother!


5-2018...Friends say good-bye at the end of the school year! LG copyright label

An end-of-school-year farewell of MER-friends!

To receive our monthly coloring pages (without the large copyright label) emails for the above coloring fun, just go to…

…and send us your email address with the message, “Let’s color!”

You will be included in our email list and receive the current month’s coloring page and each new month, more coloring fun to print out (again…without that large copyright label!) for the children, family and with your friends too. Most of these are CILLYart@CILLYart4U originals!

PLEASE NOTE: These coloring pages are copyrighted. You have permission to print out what you need for the coloring enjoyment of your immediate family. If other family & friends would like permission to copy & color for their families or classroom of students, please invite them to sign up with their email at the above contact CILLYart4U link. Thank you!


Enjoy your May 2018! Until next time… 


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