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CILLYart4Us KIDS KORNER – January 2018

Welcome, everyone, to 2018! We hope you all enjoyed a joyful, blessed holiday season and will have a healthy, happy and successful new year.


With our TWIN TAILS Books One & Two now officially re-published and re-launched… we are looking to share our great news to young readers, families, elementary school educators, and English language learners around the USA and internationally. We invite you to help us share our happy news, while we get back to work on the editing and illustrating of TWIN TAILS Book Three with a new target publication in 2019! We are excited about this third book…the culmination of the mysteries in the trilogy found in the TWIN TAILS Book Series (books 1-3) for children & families.  Please stay tuned for sneak peeks to come!!!

Winter 2018 is officially here and we hope our book reviews, CILLYart4U updates, games/activities, arts & crafts and coloring pages below add to your new year and wintry fun! 




Book Review of Shante Keys and the New Year’s Peas written by Gail Piernas-Davenport & illustrated by Marion Eldridge.

SHANTE KEYS and the NEW YEAR’S PEAS…When Shante finds out that Grandma has forgotten to cook their lucky black-eyed peas for their traditional family New Year’s celebration dinner, she fears bad luck will come to her family. In her adventure to remedy this pending disaster, young Shante discovers the fun and great worth in other New Year traditions of her friends and neighbors! This book is a delightful introduction to children and young readers about some of many multi-cultural traditions surrounding the New Year with lots of colorful story illustrations. As a parent, grandparent and retired K-3 teacher, I recommend this children’s book to present the thematic fun of beginning a brand new year! Request this book at your local bookstore and/or library today!

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Book Review of FIRST DAY OF WINTER by Denise Fleming

FIRST DAY OF WINTER…With the Christmas holidays 2017 over and done with, it is time to focus on the unique fun of winter before spring is sprung! You can sing along as you read this creative, wintry adaptation to the song, The 12 Days of Christmas. Be sure to request this one for fun holiday reading at your favorite bookstore and local library as well! Relish this entertaining children’s story and its great illustrations with your family about winter and creating a unique snowman!


TWIN TAILS Books 1 & 2 with DK blue border

Now that the Re-Launch Celebration of  TWIN TAILS Book Series (books one & two) for children & families and English Language Learners is complete and all of our contest winners have received their prizes, we hope that you enjoyed getting to learn a bit more about this magical children’s book series for all in the family. The TWIN TAILS Book Series is a great investment of reading…and make wonderful gifts for your own family, students, etc. They are available on,, and you can also request them at your favorite bookstore and library as well!

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Now working on TWIN TAILS Book 3…the culmination of the book trilogy mystery behind the magical origin of our twin mermaids, Marina and Perla Pérez. We can hardly wait to share the upcoming sneak peeks into the story with you…so stay tuned here, on our website blog and in our social media pages for these!




Dress the NEW YEAR BABY Relay! 

KIDS KORNER 1-2018...Dress the NEW YEAR BABY Relay photo!

Relay Supplies: 2 or 3 identical baby dolls (one for each relay team), each wearing a 2018 banner.

Which team can beat out the others in dressing, undressing, and dressing again the NEW YEAR BABY? This is an adaptation of the popular baby shower game, DIAPER THE BABY RELAY.

How to run this relay race:
1- You need at least 2 teams with 2 people each.

2- Line up teams side by side.

3- Player #1 on each team at “GO!” runs to dress & banner their team’s only diapered baby doll…then runs back to touch player #2’s hand as a signal for player #2 to run forward.

4- Player #2 on each team runs forward, upon the touch or gentle slap of player #1’s hand, to remove the baby doll’s banner and outfit, leaving it only in the diaper…then runs back to touch player #3’s hand as a signal for player #3 to run forward.

5- Player #3 on each team runs forward, upon the touch or gentle slap of player #2’s hand, to again dress the only diapered baby doll in its outfit & banner… then runs back to touch player #4’s hand as a signal for player #4 to run forward.

6- Player #4 on each team runs forward, upon the touch or gentle slap of player #3’s hand, to remove the baby doll’s banner and outfit, leaving it only in the diaper… then runs back to touch player #5’s hand as a signal for player #5 to run forward.

7- This keep repeating until the first team finishes running each of their team members over to dress or undress their team’s NEW YEAR BABY doll! You may want to award the winning team a group prize of multiple things in a package…a bag of candy, cookies, or New Years Day noisemakers!



KIDS KORNER 1-2018...Musical Wintry Game of FREEZE photo!


Game Supplies: music (radio, smart phone, CD player) to easily start & stop/turn off & on, space to dance, move & groove, a group of children or families…and possibly some prizes for any winners

How to Play the wintry game of FREEZE!

FREEZE is a favorite, classic game of my own childhood!

  • Children get creative in dancing to their favorite tunes and…


  • When the Snow Queen/Snow King commands the music to stop, all children freeze into statues in mid dance step!


  • The first statue to falter in big movement becomes the new Snow Queen or King to command the music & dancing to start and freeze again!


  • PLEASE NOTE: It make take several tries to catch a faltering frozen statue in movement, so the Snow Queen or King may just keep playing and stopping the music to find an especially quirky position in a frozen statue that will undoubtedly result in a faltering movement. Young dancers shouldn’t stand frozen more than 5 – 10 seconds…be kind to them!





KIDS KORNER 1-2018...Happy New Year 2018 CAT-EYE Glasses!

Thanks to…!

KIDS KORNER 1-2018...Happy New Year 2018 CAT-EYE Glasses! printable sheetKIDS KORNER 1-2018...Happy New Year 2018 numbers for CAT-EYE Glasses! printable

For the nice printable “Cat-Eye” document, go to…

SUPPLIES: Printable pages of’s cat-eye or other glasses, printable page of 2018 numbers, card stock paper for printables, crayons, markers, scissors, glue, glitter, mini-pompoms, buttons, sequins, plastic craft gems/jewels, small stickers, and other items with which to creatively decorate your Happy New Year Glasses!


  • Print the cat-eye and 2018 number printables on card stock paper.


  • Color your cat-eye glasses and number 2018.


  • Cut out your glasses and number 2018 and glue it your glasses together.


  • Glue your 2019 on the upper rim of your 2018 glasses frame.


  • Decorate with glue and pompoms, gems, stickers, etc.

KIDS KORNER 1-2018...Paint Stick Snowman craft ad photo

Thank you… Author & Creator, Amanda Formaro


  • wooden paint stir stick painted white (or make this the first step of the below directions)
  • 3″ x 3″ piece of felt for hat
  • 8″ x 1″ strip of material or felt
  • 3 buttons or pony beads
  • ½ of a orange toothpick
  • 6″ piece of yarn
  • white craft glue
  • scissors
  • black marker or black paint
  • hot glue gun



  1. Wrap 3″x3″ fabric around the top of the stick and hot glue together in the back. If you have more time, you can use white craft glue or felt glue and attach a wooden clothespin to the stick and hat to hold it in place while it dries. Tie yarn around the top of the hat and trim ends. Fringe the top of the hat with scissors if you like.
  2. Wrap 8″x1″ strip of material around the neck, tie in a knot. Fringe the ends with scissors.
  3. Use white craft glue to attach 3 buttons or beads below the scarf and glue the orange toothpick on for the nose. Use black marker, or a toothpick dipped in black paint to create the mouth and eyes.
  4. Let everything dry. All done!


Now…keep reading below to find out how to enjoy our CILLYart4U Original Coloring Pages for JANUARY 2018!

#1- MERMAIDEN helps Baby New Year 2018 explore the ocean!

MERMAIDEN and the Happy New Year Baby 2018 explore the ocean...LG Copyright!

#1- MERMAIDEN helps Baby New Year 2018 explore the ocean!

Mermaids twins, Marina & Perla and their HAPPY NEW YEAR Banner (2018) LG copyright 

#2- Mermaid twins, Marina & Perla, share their HAPPY NEW YEAR banner!


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You will be included in our email list and receive the current month’s coloring page and each new month, more coloring fun to print out without the large copyright lable to enjoy coloring for the children, family and with your friends too. Many are CILLYart@CILLYart4U originals!

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Have fun enjoying January 2018 and wishing you & all yours a Happy, Healthy and Successful NEW YEAR with some wintry fun! Until next time… 


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