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Welcome, November 2017! With the fun of Halloween now in the recent past, we have so much more to look forward to this month…VETERANS DAY on 11-11-17 and THANKSGIVING DAY on 11-23-17. May this month be a true renewal of thankful hearts for those who have worked, sacrificed, and continue to do for our protection, freedoms and many blessings…and may we carry an attitude of gratitude all year long. Wishing you each a joyous month celebrating heart-felt gratitude, family, friends and all the blessings we have.

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We hope you are having an awesome autumn and preparing for a joyous holiday season! Here’s hoping our book reviews, CILLYart4U updates, games or activities, arts & crafts and coloring pages below add to your fun this year!




Book Review of RAFIE, THE RATTLESNAKE, COME HOME! by Nan C. Cataldi

RAFIE, THE RATTLESNAKE, COME HOME! is an enjoyable picture book story about a curious baby rattlesnake that conveniently doesn’t listen to mommy’s warning. His wandering eagerness to see what is out in the world not only puts him in danger, but also gets him lost. However, when he decides to befriend a squirrel, he is guided to find his way safely home again and just in time for winter too! This easy to read picture book is full of simple yet colorful illustrations, has an interesting facts page about rattlesnakes and the publisher also has a coloring book with all the fun story illustrations in line for your young ones to delight in artistically as well. Highly recommended children and families to learn a bit more about this desert critter!

RAFIE, THE RATLESNAKE, COME HOME! book cover photo for KIDS KORNER - NOV 2017The Story of the PILGRIMS...a book by Katharine Ross...KK 11-2017 book review

Book Review of The Story of the PILGRIMS by Katharine Ross

I was unable to get access to this book and did so want to read and share it for the month of November. However, I share with you the short book description from, along with a few of the brief book reviews by customers who read it:

BOOK DESCRIPTION: “From the dangerous voyage across the Atlantic to the first harsh winter to the delicious Thanksgiving feast, all the excitement and wonder of the Pilgrims’ first year in America is captured in this vivid retelling that is perfect for the youngest historians.”

It’s a great intro to the first Thanksgiving from the Pilgrims perspective By Caligirl: 11-12-15…Very cute story. It’s a great intro to the first Thanksgiving from the Pilgrims perspective. I recommend pairing this with a book from the Native American’s perspective if you’re buying it as part of a classroom series.

Really good! I bought two and cut the pictures out …By Julie Petersen: 1-03-17…I bought two and cut the pictures out so that I could display them as I read the story to the little ones. It was a very good book about Thanksgiving!

TWIN TAILS Book Series ReLaunch ad photo for NOV 2017

It is time to announce & begin the Re-Launch Celebration of TWIN TAILS Children’s Book Series for children, families, and English Language Learners!

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Our TWIN TAILS Book Series Re-Launch Event began Monday, October 30th with the first of 4 contest giveaways from 10/30/17 to 11/03/17…ending about midnight! Check our website’s contest page for ongoing details on how to participate in this family-friendly fun…and encourage family & friends to join in too:

or at…

TWIN TAILS Book Re-Launch Contest #1: MER or SEA Towel Giveaway!

MER or SEA Towels...possible prizes for OPINION POLL Promo Event...2017



FUN FOCUS: Thanksgiving Pictionary & The Gratitude Game

Thanksgiving Pictionary photo for KK 11-2017.jpg  The GRATITUDE GAME Photo...KK for 11-2017

Thanks to Women’s Day for these games…


Thanksgiving Pictionary: With not much more than a mason jar, colorful Popsicle sticks or painting them with watercolor markers, and a Sharpie… you can create a new T-day tradition. Write a Thanksgiving word on the bottom of each stick, which doubles as a turkey feather. Then, everyone takes a turn picking a stick from the jar and drawing the word on a sketchpad or chalkboard in hopes his team guesses it. Winners don’t have to clear the table!


The Gratitude Game: Have the whole family reflect on the true meaning of Thanksgiving in this simple activity.





Below are a couple of fun arts & crafts projects to celebrate November’s special holidays of gratitude…VETERANS DAY and THANKSGIVING!

THANK YOU, VETERANS Star Streamers...hang up in front of your house or a bunch of these in your trees...KK 11-2017.jpg

Thank you to… Education for this wonderful idea to celebrate our veterans on Veterans Day!

WHAT YOU NEED: Scissors and x-acto knife (for parental or teacher use!), construction paper or small sheets of thin poster board: red – white – blue, glue bottles or glue sticks, single hole punch, yarn or ribbon, markers: red – blue – black, star patterns: large – medium – small.

DIRECTIONS:  1) Trace & cut out the white star backing…2) Cut 8 slits horizontally in the middle of the large white star about ½ to 1 inch tall that are about 4 – 5 inches long each. Make sure these lines are evenly centered…3) Cut two, long red strips of paper and one long, blue paper measuring about 1 inch  or more in width to create the streamers for the star…4) Weave the ends of the streamers into the cut slits in the center of the large white star so that the red streamers are oppositely woven in and out of the blue streamer in the middle…5) Trace & cut out the medium star of blue construction paper/thin posterboard…6) Glue the blue star in the middle of the white star and the side that the weaving is less attractive…7) Trace & cut out the small star of more white construction paper/thin posterboard…8) Glue the small white star in the middle of the blue star, then write “Thank You!” in bold, black or blue marker to be easily seen. Feel free to use creative, but easy to read lettering…9) Write 3 reasons why you are grateful to our veterans, one reason/thought per red or blue streamer…10) Decorate the edges of the large white star using the red & blue markers, punch a hole at the top point of the large white star and tie off a loop of yarn, string or ribbon through it to hang your patriotic THANK YOU to be seen by friends, neighbors and veterans.

Make multiples and you can display these Veterans Day STAR Thank You Banners hanging from the eaves of your home, in the trees of your front yard, or waving these at veterans in your local Veterans Day Parades!

PINECONE TURKEYS...Thanksgiving craft - KK for NOV 2017


Supplies: 2 or more pinecones, orange felt sheet, pkg. of colorful feathers, pkg. of wiggly eyes, hot glue gun or squeeze bottles of white school/craft glue (be patient with this stuff…but it doesn’t burn your fingers if you are sloppy like me!)

Step one: Cut your feathers in half

Step two: Use a small amount hot glue or morewhite glue to add the feathers 

Step three: Glue on the eyes and beak

Your children can create these fun turkeys while they wait for Thanksgiving dinner!

Thank you to…


Now…keep reading below to find out how to enjoy our CILLYart4U Original Coloring Pages for NOVEMBER 2017!

Mermaid & Pilgrim Girl sharing a cap...NOV 2017 for KIDS KORNER (LG copyright label)

#1) A Mermaid tries out a cap with her pilgrim friend!


MER-boy makes friend with a Native American boy...NOV 2017 - KIDS KORNER (LG copyright label)

#2) MER-boy makes friends with a Native American boy!


To receive our monthly coloring page emails for coloring fun, just go to…

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You will be included in our email list and receive the current month’s coloring page and each new month, more coloring fun to print out without the large copyright lable to enjoy coloring for the children, family and with your friends too. Many are CILLYart@CILLYart4U originals!

PLEASE NOTE: These coloring pages are copyrighted. You have permission to print out what you need for the coloring enjoyment of your immediate family. If other family & friends would like permission to copy & color for their families or classroom of students, please invite them to sign up with their email at the above contact CILLYart4U link. Thank you!

Have fun enjoying November and preparing for joyous THANKSGIVING! Until next time… 



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