CILLYart4U CONTESTS: Opinion Poll! “Which TWIN TAILS of Mason Beach book trailer is best?”

This contest page is currently under construction…no entries are permitted at this time!

TWIN TAILS paperbook series (books one & two)...

Hello, passionate readers, families, and supporters of reading to and by children!

Have we got an opportunity for you! In the celebration of relaunching the TWIN TAILS Children’s Book Series, please give us your opinion of the two TWIN TAILS of Mason Beach book trailers (Book One, written & illustrated by CILLYart) , telling which of the two you like best! Poll participants receive a free, original CILLYart coloring page via your entered email and will be entered for our MER or SEA Towel Give-Away…possibly one of these that you see below (towel prize depends on inventory available)!

MER or SEA Towels...possible prizes for OPINION POLL Promo Event...2017

Here are the links to each book trailer…check them out and tell us which you like best!

MERBeach: v=AVlaW6sfhaI


MERDeep: v=LCRj9BIbPVk


Click here to enter: A MER or SEA Towel (for bath or pool) Giveaway!


Two more TWIN TAILS Children’s Book Series re-launch event contests are to come for more opportunities to win prizes and our GRAND PRIZE Contest Giveaway  at the end!

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