WHAZZUP, CILLYart? Goal to republish TWIN TAILS Series to be reset…


We are feeling sad that our goal to republish books one & two of the TWIN TAILS Series for children and families could not be met. We thought we were ready, but when the professional files were submitted to print the paperback versions of TWIN TAILS of Mason Beach and TWIN TAILS: Song of The Siren…problems popped up in the files. Back to the technical team to iron out these, as well as the challenges we are already working on with the ebook files. This humbly reminds us that this is publisher appreciation time. We will reset our republication goal soon and sure hope it will be before the end of this new month of March! Stay tuned here on our website and on social media…and we will keep you posted.


With the arrival of a new month, the March 2017 issue of our brief, yet fun CILLYart4U NEWS email newsletter has gone out to the inboxes of our subscribers! Some updates and fun ideas are included for St. Patrick’s Day and Spring Break fun for the family, as well as two more original coloring pages to share with your children and students! Check one of these below:


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Subscribers to CILLYart4U NEWS are usually the first to hear the news…and right now, they have a special link to get a sneak peek at our new book trailer to book 2 of the TWIN TAILS Series…TWIN TAILS: Song of The Siren, which still has to be officially released! Don’t forget to subscribe for some fun with your family and classroom today!

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WHAZZUP, CILLYart? February is flying past fast!!!


Oh, my…February is flying past way too fast! Can you believe that VALENTINE’S DAY is already over? Well, if you are like my family and extended family…the whole month is a time of VALENTINE’S celebration!  Hence, tomorrow night we have the kid’s kiddos over for some Valentine fun while their parents enjoy a date night…and the last Saturday night of this month will be a Family VALENTINE Dance for our church! Hoping you are all enjoying an extended amount of VALENTINE celebrating too! For us…the celebration of love of sweethearts, family and friends isn’t over yet! Here’s hoping you can enjoy it all month long too!

feb-2017-book-reviews-by-cillyartI finished reading these two delightful books before the beginning of 2017, but here I am finally getting around to sharing these brief book reviews for families with children, educators and any other passionate readers of children’s books! You can read each short review on our CILLYart4U website page:


Be sure to request these books out at your favorite bookstore and local library and enjoy a great, magical adventure today!

cillyart4u-news-2017-banner-feb-2017Hurry…as February goes, so does access to the brief news, updates and coloring fun available in our CILLYart4U NEWS – February 2017 issue! Only subscribers to our short & sweet monthly email newsletter get access to first sneak peeks and some of CILLYart’s original coloring pages! Before we know it, the below fun Valentine coloring pages will be gone with the month of February! If you haven’t signed up to receive your copy of the CILLYart4U NEWS – February 2017 in your inbox, sign up today under “My Updates” on the home page of our website today:

a-mermaid-celebration-with-baby-new-year-2017-lg-copyright-labeled a-mermaid-valentines-day-2017-lg-copyright-labeled

UPDATE: TWIN TAILS books are still in the republication process…hoping to meet our goal to get TWIN TAILS of Mason Beach and TWIN TAILS: Song of The Siren in paperback and ebook formats back out into the market by March 1st, 2017.  We will keep you posted here, on our social media sites, and in our monthly email newsletter, CILLYart4U NEWS!

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WHAZZUP, CILLYart? Is it already the Holiday Season? You betcha!


Oh, yeah…the HOLIDAY SEASON has arrived BIG TIME and life is busier than BUSY! I cannot believe how the remainder of November just flew by and so are the days of December! Tho’ I have not gotten around to posting on this blog in recent days…I did get CILLYart4U NEWS written, sent out and posted for the most part. Above is our CILLYart4U NEWS December 2016 logo…and this brief-n-fun email newsletter is full of some good stuff for a quick read and a bit o’ Christmas Holiday coloring fun…a fun mask craft activity and tasty YAM WEDGE WRAP that your family ought to try!


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The time has arrived for our offical book launch of Book Two of the TWIN TAILS Series for children, families, English language learners and other passionate readers of children’s books! As the author-illustrator CILLYart…I will do a brief presentation & discussion of this newest book, TWIN TAILS: Song of The Siren, we’ll create a thematic TWIN TAILS craft, and then end this book launch celebration with a drawing of some door prizes for our signed-in participants! This local TWIN TAILS: Song of The Siren Book Launch event will be…


1:30 – 2:30 PM

…in the children’s room of the…

City of Mesa RED MOUNTAIN BRANCH Library

635 N. Power RD, Mesa, AZ 85205

More details of this event at: https://www.facebook.com/events/1160761543999661/

We sure hope to see you there…but if you live too far away or can’t commit to join us at that specific time that day, here’s another option for YOU:


A TWIN TAILS: Song of The Siren ONLINE Book Launch for that very same day…a COME & GO Online Book Launch Event via the internet and your smartphone, tablet, home computer or laptop on…


10:00 AM – 10:00 PM 

TWIN TAILS Facebook ONLINE Book Event Page


As we go throughout the day, we will celebrate with SNEAK PEAKS into our newest book, TWIN TAILS: Song of The Siren, drawings for GIVE-AWAYS, and sharing thoughts and ideas in our online book launch community for this event! This is our first attempt at a book launch event online…and we’d love to have your participation and support! There is no obligation to purchase anything (tho’ we will be having a TWIN TAILS Special Book Launch Sale online that day as well), but you as a participant or one of your children, participating with you through your FB ID, may be one of our GIVE-AWAY winners! We are looking for winners at both our book launch events that day.  We hope you will be able to join us and participate!


Until next time, have a blessed, joyous Christmas, Holiday Season and 2017…and Happy Reading, Imagining and Creating!




Enjoy our fun, TWIN TAILS of Mason Beach (Book One) trailers at:






WHAZZUP, CILLYart? Getting Ready For and Wishing You All A HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


If you were not able to make it to our DRAWING FOR KIDS 2  Class at the City of Mesa RED MOUNTAIN BRANCH Library this past Saturday…never fear, we’ve been asked to do a reprise of this class! It looks like this reprise class will be in FEB 2017 and we’ll call it DRAWING FOR KIDS 2.5 with a Valentine twist! Stay tuned to hear the details in soon…you know we’d love to have your young artists (ages 6 – 12 years) participate …and parents are always welcome too!


We hope you have heard our good news…TWIN TAILS: Song of The Siren received a 5-star rating from READERS’ FAVORITE this past week!  Yes, just like book one of the TWIN TAILS Series, book two will get to sport the 5-star medallion as well! WOO HOO! Thank you, book reviewers for READERS’ FAVORITE! You can read the full review by book reviewer, Jack Magnus at:


or at:



As we prep for our December 2016 issue of CILLYart4U NEWS and our book launch event in December, we are also busy prepping for the wonderful opportunity to gather with as many of our family & friends as possible on THANKSGIVING DAY. We wish you a most joyous and fun THANKSGIVING DAY with your loved ones on Thursday! May you be blessed with an insightful attitude of gratitude during this holiday season and all through the new year 2017!

Until next time, have a blessed, HAPPY THANKSGIVING…and happy reading and creating!




Enjoy our fun, TWIN TAILS of Mason Beach (Book One) trailers at:






WHAZZUP, CILLYart? Announcing our TWIN TAILS Book 2 Title…TWIN TAILS: Song of the Siren…& also the Winners of our TWIN TAILS 2 Children’s Contest!


TWIN TAILS: Song of the Siren

TWIN TAILS Book 2 is out officially with the title, TWIN TAILS: Song of the Siren, and we are so excited to announce this to you. Buy this book at your favorite bookstore and/or request it at your local library today! The magical adventures of twin mermaids continue in a mysterious way…and I can hardly wait for you to join in the fun!  I would love to hear how you enjoy the mer-antics of Marina and Perla Perez in their modern world and how the secret of their origin comes out!



TWIN TAILS: Song of the Siren



Please note that our winners were selected by imaginative writing response to the question: What strange creature out there in the ocean is haunting the twin mermaids?

GRAND PRIZE (local AZ winners!):

Kimbelyn M. (Buckeye, AZ): I think the monster was big and scary with spikes. The family ran to a cave to keep safe from the sea monster so he would not eat them. The sea monster ran away from the family.


Rhett F. (Mesa, AZ): Amalin is its name. It is a sea creature!


 Jaxson J. (Mesa, AZ): A mermaid is the sea creature lurking in the window.



Ashlyn S. (UT): The ear splitting shriek might be the monster that they saw in the lagoon. It might look like my picture with yellow eyes, sharp teeth, long fins, and might be like their guard or something.


 Logan P. (UT): Its smooth tail whips out with its weird fin. It has a head of a horse, a body of a whale, and a tail of a sea serpent. That’s not all. It has wings of a giant eagle.


Ashlyn Y. (UT): They looked out the window and saw a…sea monster! It was sent out to find the missing mermaids from the kingdom where they were sent from because there was a war.



Ashley W. (UT): I think it is a sea serpent  they said it had a huge fin going down its back, and they said it had a really long tail like a snake would. In mythical stories, the sea serpent has a long fin and a long tail, so I think it is a sea serpent.


Hayden (UT): I believe it is a strange eel. The eel had something happen to it. The twins are also part of a royal family. The eel is trying to bring them home.


Chloe (UT): I think it’s a sea serpent. Maybe it knows something about the girls’ parents, and it can help them. My second idea is that the monster is the girls’ enemy, and is the new “villain.” (no sea creature illustration submitted)


Isaak L. (UT): I think it is a talking eel. It knew them whey they were little babies.


Samantha (UT): I think it is a giant sea monster, another mermaid or a Kraken.  The mermaid would be their mom. Maybe the water is talking to them.

(This child’s illustration was too light to scan)

Jada H. (UT): I think it is another mermaid calling the names they used to have when they were babies.  It could be their dad or their brother or a relative they had. They are mermaids.

(No illustration submitted with this entry)

We truly enjoyed reading all the entries that were submitted! Even though we wish we had more to read because we did not want to stop reading such creative thought, it was really challenging to select winners among the many imaginative ideas and artistic illustrations that did come in! A super thank you to all that entered!  We are busy arranging for and prepping prizes to be shipped out in upcoming days and weeks. We will be contacting the parents, teachers and youth leaders that helped our selected grand prize, first, second and third place winners enter this book launch contest of TWIN TAILS: Song of the Siren! However, you are all winners, especially if you keep reading, imagining and creating!

Until next time…don’t forget to keep reading, imagining and creating!




Enjoy our fun, TWIN TAILS of Mason Beach (Book One) trailers at:




WHAZZUP, CILLYart? How to get access to my original coloring pages free!

Moonlight MER-surfing...BOLD copyright listed - July 2016

How does one get access to color my original CILLYart illustrations/coloring pages? One way is to subscribe to my free CILLYart4U NEWS, a free email newsletter that goes out to your email each month for brief, yet fun CILLYart@CILLYart4U updates on my books, book projects, contests, author-illustrator visits/classes, and the fun of reading, imagining and learning in this big world around us…with some of my original coloring pages and kid-craft activities occasionally too!  CILLYart4U NEWS is for  parents, families, teachers and leaders of elementary school children…and for the kiddos as well! So, if you haven’t signed up yet for this bit of easygoing fun with me…do so today! Go to my website (www.cillyart4u.wix.com/cillyart4u) and put in your email address under “MY UPDATES…Sign up and be the first to know!

Moonlight MER-Surfing!

YUP! That is the official title of the above silly art illustration I created this summer when at the beach with my grand-baby, Penelope, as we watched her parents and hundreds of other surfers and swimmers delighting in the ocean waves at Huntington Beach just a couple of weekends ago!  I imagined how much fun mermaids and mermen might have if they found a lost surfboard and rode the waves in the moonlight long after most surfers went home for the day! What a fun way to enjoy summer to its end…even for MER-folk!

Still awaiting news from ROOK Publishing on the book cover, final editing and formatting of TWIN TAILS Book 2…and its official release date! Until then…

Keep reading and creating!




WHAZZUP, CILLYart? Back to School soon for young scholars and artists alike!

CILLYart4U NEWS... email newsletter heading

…AUGUST  2016…

BACK 2 SCHOOL Already...August 2016

The “Uh, oh…summer’s coming to a close” issue of CILLYart4U NEWS just came out today! Check your email inbox to read and enjoy it! If you have not yet signed up to receive this brief, monthly CILLYart4U NEWS email update…don’t delay. Go to the home page of our website, www.cillyart4u.wix.com/cillyart4u, and put in your email address under MY UPDATES and click on it! This will notify us that you’d like to share in the CILLYart4U’s news, updates, ideas, coloring pages and other “first one to know about it” items! In our August 2016 issue, check out our two newest coloring pages…which only our CILLYart4U NEWS subscribers have permission to print out to color with their kiddos…and hear the latest about TWIN TAILS Book 2 and other books I’m involved with too!

                       I'm just a MERMAID in disguise #2...tote bag designI'm just a MERMAID in disguise...design 2 on kid's T-shirt at zazzle

Above you can see at least 2 of the prizes being prepped for the upcoming book launch events, contests and activities this autumn for the second book of the TWIN TAILS Series written by me, CILLYart@CILLYart4U! This is my second design of “I’m just a MERMAID in disguise!” and there is more creative mermaiding fun to come! If you have not yet read book one of this children’s/middle-grade novel series, TWIN TAILS of Mason Beach, where the magical mermaiding adventures of Marina and Perla begin, be sure to request it today at your favorite bookstore or local library today!  If you haven’t seen one of our TWIN TAILS of Mason Beach book trailers yet, check these out below:

Until next time…HAPPY READING & CREATING!!!




WHAZZUP, CILLYart? T-shirts for fun and prizes too!

I'm just a Mermaid in disguise! DESIGN 2...ad photo!

“I’m just a Mermaid in disguise!” (this is design 2) is a recent creative adventure of mine as CILLYart@CILLYart4U. Hope any of you fellow mermaid fans enjoy this silly, fun illustration created on T-Shirts and more! Just ordered a few of these as prizes for my TWIN TAILS 2 book launch events this fall! Stay tuned here and on my website and other social media for our upcoming contest and book launch events for the TWIN TAILS of Mason Beach mid-grade novel sequel, TWIN TAILS Book 2…the title is yet to be released!

I’m still working on my TWIN TAILS 2 book cover…taking my time, trying to get it right the first time! Rook Publishing has called for my story illustrations and so now I need to finish this book cover! Little by little, we are getting ready for publication and the book launch fun this fall!  I’m so excited to share! Don’t forget to get ready for the ongoing adventures of our mermaid twins, Marina and Perla Perez by reading book one, TWIN TAILS of Mason Beach. Request it at your favorite bookstore or local library today! Fun reading for the whole family!




TWIN TAILS of Mason Beach book trailer: