WHAZZUP, CILLYart? Hello, March 2019…and Have a Lucky ST Patrick’s Day!

WHAZZUP, CILLYart...Blog Post Logo for MARCH 2019!

Welcome to March 2019 and Top O’ The Morning to YOU! Spring is officially around the corner and to be honest, we’ve been “spring”ing it in here in the Valley of the Sun of Arizona for some weeks now.  I love the blossoming trees, new green shoots of leaves, spring grass, fresh blooming flowers and fresh, warming air!  With St. Patrick’s Day and spring break awaiting us about mid-March, I’m already pondering what green I can wear to protect myself from the impish pinches from my children and grandchildren.  May the March leprechauns grant you green, happy wishes!


MARCH 2019 Sneak Peek into TT BK 3 story illustrations....png

Life for my family has been so busy since the beginning of 2019 with the recuperation of the holiday season, birthdays, weddings…so progress towards the publication and launch of TWIN TAILS Book 3 has been slower than I would prefer…but progress is still being made to our target goal of late spring/early summer 2019. We have great hope of reaching that goal! In the meantime, enjoy this month’s sneak peek into this 3rd book of the TWIN TAILS Series (see illustration comparison above…what do you think is happening in this story?) and please wish us luck and success in getting it published and launched!


The Valentine’s Day MER-Love FOREVER 2019 design by CILLYart has been enjoyed by many, but it has now been upgraded to a bolder line and will soon be available on some of our products at our CILLYart4Ucreations store on etsy.com for romantic events, anniversaries, and more! Check out this new bolder line design below:

MER-love design (BOLD LINE) by CILLYart - FEB 2019 (300 dpi...LG copyright)

Check out our etsy.com store site often for new product:



Now…for some CILLYart4Us KIDS KORNER fun for the family!

cillyart4us kids korner logo...

Our reading focus for March 2019 is below! Check out the fun book I recommend reading and sharing with your family, friends, students…and other participants of a bit o’ ST Patrick’s Day fun!

READING label for KIDS KORNER...with follow up words!

The LUCKIEST LEPRECHAUN - A Tail-Wagging Tale of Friendship by Justine Korman (book photo)

The LUCKIEST LEPRECHAUN: A Tail-Wagging Tail of Friendship

written by Justine Korman

Dog is said to be “Man’s best friend,” but what is a dog to an ancient lil’ ol’ leprechaun that doesn’t have time for such a big, furry beast? This charming children’s picture book written by author, Justine Korman, and delightfully illustrated by Denise Brunkus, tells such a tale! MacKenzie O’Shamrock’s tricky, yet tidy lifestyle to protect his gold and do his “leprechaun-ing” work is turned upside down when Lucky, the dog, is the only mortal creature that has been able to discover his magical hideout in centuries! Adventures unfold as MacKenzie adapts to life with such a loyal friend. A great, yet unusual story of friendship the whole family can enjoy this St. Patrick’s Day…and one to keep in your children’s or classroom libraries!

Enjoy a quick read of the book before purchasing it by going to the below story time link:



Next, on our list of ST Patrick’s Day fun for March 2019 KIDS KORNER, we have…

KK FUN FOCUS label...

Many thanks to Erin of…


for this charming bit o’ find-the-leprechaun fun below:

ST Patricks Day Scavenger Hunt (photo #1)...3-2019.png

On St. Patrick’s Day why not wake your kids up with a bit o’ hide-n-seek fun in a Leprechaun Scavenger Hunt to find a wee pot o’ gold!? You can  use craft foam or felt and large craft/tongue depressor sticks to make lil’ leprechaun clues along with Rolo candies, Ring Pops or gold foil wrapped chocolate coins for the treasure. Below are the clues that Erin of  www.myveryeducatedmother.com used and shared with readers and followers like myself. She invites all to “Please feel free to use them, for family use only, and have fun with it” or you can adapt this fun scavenger hunt for your classroom of students, friends, or own family’s interests!

MATERIALS NEEDED: craft foam or felt in orange, peach, and green, create a pattern for a simple leprechaun hat, round head and beard, large craft sticks for every clue you want to create for your hunt, scissors, craft glue and a pen to write each clue on the wood stick. You can use the pen to create a face on each leprechaun stick if you’d like to as well.

Now, stick an initial leprechaun clue stick where your lil’ scavengers will seek to find clue #1 and begin the hunt:

ST Patricks Day Scavenger Hunt (photo #1-1)...3-2019


Try to find my treasure,

Look all around.

You’re best to start,

Where your toys are found.

ST Patricks Day Scavenger Hunt (photo #1-2)...3-2019


Clever child,

You’re on the right path.

Have you checked,

Where you take your bath?

ST Patricks Day Scavenger Hunt (photo #1-3)...3-2019


Splish, Splash!

Will you find me soon?

Be sure to look

Where we keep the spoons.

ST Patricks Day Scavenger Hunt (photo #1-4)...3-2019


Just one more place

For you to look.

Where would you go to  

Find a book!

ST Patricks Day Scavenger Hunt (photo #1-5)...3-2019

Now, enjoy that Leprechaun Treasure!!!



Many Thanks to a very creative Maggy at…


for her wonderful project idea, the LEPRECHAUN CORNER BOOKMARK!

Leprechaun Corner Bookmarks (titled photo)....PNG

We highly recommend that you watch Artist Maggy’s below video demonstration of this magically fun Leprechaun Corner Bookmark project!

Leprechaun Corner Bookmarks (photo 2)...project HOW TO DO IT video by Maggy or RedTedArt


How to make a Leprechaun Corner bookmark – step by step instructions:

Begin by making your classic Origami Bookmark Corner out of orange paper (See the above video to see how to create the orange bookmark corner!).

Once you have your basic orange Origami Bookmark Corner, it is time to cut some shapes…you will need to cut the following accessories:

The Leprechaun’s Hat…

  • two rectangles for the Leprechaun’s hat – one long thin one, and one wide one
  • one rectangle in black (for the hat’s band)
  • one yellow square (for the hat’s band)
  • one small black square to fit into the yellow square (again for the hats band)

A small paper shamrock…

  • 3 small green hearts for the hat’s shamrock

 The Leprechaun’s Face…

  • a light pink semi-circle for the face
  • orange eyebrows
  • small pink cheeks

Once you have all your pieces cut out, glue them all together as per the finished Leprechaun Bookmark photo below!

Leprechaun Corner Bookmarks (photo 3)....PNG

Add eyes and a mouth, as well as some detail to your paper shamrock, trim away the triangular corners of your Leprechaun’s beard a bit, and your Leprechaun Bookmark Corner is finished and ready to use!

And now…a fun ST Patrick’s CILLYart4U original MERcoloring page for March 2019 to enjoy!

Sharing His 4-Leaf Clover Bouquet with MER-friends...MARCH 2019 by CILLYart! (300 PX...LG copyright)

Sharing His 4-Leaf Clover Bouquet with a family of MER-friends!

This will be emailed out to all our email followers, fans, and friends with only the small copyright for coloring fun & therapy! If you have not already signed up for our email list, see how to do so below:

To receive our monthly coloring pages (without the large copyright label) emails for the above coloring fun, just go to…


…and send us your email address with the message,


You will be included in our email list and receive the current month’s coloring page and each new month, more coloring fun to print out (again…without that large copyright label!) for the children, family and with your friends too. Most of these are CILLYart@CILLYart4U originals!

PLEASE NOTE: These coloring pages are copyrighted. You have permission to print out what you need for the coloring enjoyment of your immediate family. If other family & friends would like permission to print, copy & color for their families or classroom of students, please invite them to sign up with their email at the above contact CILLYart4U link. Thank you!

Enjoy your March 2019 and a Happy, Fun ST Patrick’s Day! Until next time…



CILLYart4U logo with color-coded logo name...



Enjoy our fun TWIN TAILS of Mason Beach (Book One) trailers at:

https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=AVlaW6sfhaI

https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=LCRj9BIbPVk

…& also enjoy our TWIN TAILS: Song of The Siren (Book Two) trailer at:





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