WHAZZUP, CILLYart? A Hello to February 2018…and Happy Valentine’s Day to All!

HAPPY FEBRUARY 2018 from CILLYart4U banner art...

Welcome to February 2018, dear readers, followers of children’s books and MER-fan and MER-folk alike! Glad to be back online with our temporary computer system and we just posted our CILLYart4U’s KIDS KORNER: February 2018 online last night for some great ways to celebrate and have fun with your children, families and students during this wintry and Valentine month! Please don’t forget to check out the different children’s books reviewed, the games/activities, arts & craft projects shared…and sign-up to receive our fun MER-Valentine coloring pages directly to your email if you have not yet done so via our link below:


2-2018 CILLYart's KIDS KORNER 1st multi-photo ad...

Above is a photo sample of the fun that awaits those who chose to participate in the recommended reading, games and art activities!

Of course…here in our Arizona “Valley of the Sun,” our February winter is more like spring with the 70-80 degree weather we are enjoying! Not only have I seen the growth of baby spring green leaves and trees blossoming, but out have come the sandals, shorts, and T-shirt outfits of our residents and our visitors! Wishing you were all here to enjoy our Arizona winter too!

My husband and I did travel to visit family in Utah and Wisconsin recently, thus experiencing some wintry conditions of snow and cold! I love seeing it snow, especially at night when the silent, white blanket of glistening crystals gets laid upon Mother Earth! However, I do realize that besides the fun of a snowy winter, there are challenges with it too…so bless you all that live the life of snow bunnies! We desert jackrabbits here in Arizona appreciate opportunities to visit your snowy world, but love our warm winters!

Sage Creek Elementary School...website photo

By the way, in one of our recent trips, I was able to make an author-illustrator visit with Mrs. Sorenson’s first grade class at Sage Creek Elementary School!  They have just begun a thematic unit on reading and writing fairy tales and so it was so much fun to talk with them about my passion of reading and writing children’s books…most of which are fairy tales! I shared with them about how my passion began as a preschooler when my mother took my brothers, sisters and I to the local public library for story times, summer reading programs, and to check out books to read every week…and how that passion has continued to grow throughout all my school and continued adult years of learning! Not only was I fascinated with stories that I read, but I loved the story illustrations and felt inspired to create, write and illustrate stories of my own since I can remember! I shared a Power Point presentation with them as I spoke, showing samples of my art, story illustrations, and books, answered questions…and then we created mermaid and merman stick puppets and did a drawing for some ocean stickers in honor of my latest children’s books, The TWIN TAILS Book Series for children & families! 

SOOTcinders...A Cinderella Tale

These presentations are, of course, so much fun for me as a retired teacher, mother, grandmother, auntie, and being passionate about children, families, learning, reading, writing, illustrating and sharing! I left a copy of one of my early reader chapter books, SOOTYcinders…A Cinderella Tale, with Mrs. Sorenson for her classroom library. I hope her students will enjoy reading the magical twist of this Cinderella fairy tale story!

TWIN TAILS BKS 1 & 2...and intro to our upcoming BK 3!

Yes, the rumors are true…TWIN TAILS Book 3 has been written and now is in the beta-reading process with our volunteer beta-readers. I am trying to find time away from other needed CILLYart4U and family tasks to start creating the story illustrations! When the beta-reading edit process and story illustrations are complete, TWIN TAILS Book 3 will be sent off to our professional editor! So we have our work cut out for us here getting this 3rd book of our TWIN TAILS Series ready to go to print for you, our readers, followers, fellow MER-fans and MER-folk to enjoy! Please wish us great success in this MER-velous adventure!

CILLYart4U gearbubble.com ad photo of first 4 MER-designs #1

In any extra moments I can find, I love creating illustrations and designs for my stories or products or grandchildren!  Recently, I connected with gearbubble.com and have begun creating some fun products for MER-fans and MER-folk to enjoy! So far, we have created these 4 MER-designs on T-shirts, mugs, pillowcases and phone cases…and are awaiting our first quality control order of one of these designs. We will keep you posted if this online store via gearbubble.com is a go!

Until next time, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY and…






Enjoy our fun TWIN TAILS of Mason Beach (Book One) trailers at:

https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=AVlaW6sfhaI

https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=LCRj9BIbPVk

…and check out our TWIN TAILS: Song of The Siren (Book Two) trailer at:



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