WHAZZUP, CILLYart? Welcome 2018 and Happy New Year from all of us @CILLYart4U!


We are back online after our computer system crash just days before Christmas (2017) and so we wanted to welcome you all to 2018 and wish you a happy, healthy and very successful new year!

TWIN TAILS Books 1 & 2 with DK blue border

With our TWIN TAILS Children’s Book Series Re-Launch Event and our 2017 Holiday Book Sale now completed, we are focused on getting the great news out there of this magical mid-grade novel series about our twin mermaids and their adventures out there to children, families, educators, English language learners and more! We invite you to share our happy news and also to watch for the sneak peeks to come here on our website blog and social media pages about TWIN TAILS Book 3!

TWIN TAILS Book 3 promo book cover or photo ad...

The culmination of the mysteries found in the TWIN TAILS Series comes about in book 3 and I am excited to share it all with you! Book 3 has been written, but I’ve lots of tweaking to do and story illustrations to create…and then, of course, there is the editing and formatting needed before publication. So our target date for publication and release has been pushed into 2019, but I am looking forward to sharing the allowed sneak peeks with you all in this process!

CILLYart4U KIDS Korner...logo!

With the computer system down, our CILLYart4U’s KIDS KORNER – January 2018 had a delayed posting, but it is now up for your to enjoy the celebration of a HAPPY NEW YEAR and wintry fun with your children, families, students, and English language learners!

KIDS KORNER - JAN 2018 multi-photo ad#1

Remember, it is free to access it all, but don’t delay as we are now almost halfway through January 2018! Link into this thematic fun at:


We love to share delightful literacy, learning and fun for the whole family, educators and learners of all ages!

Until next time, HAPPY NEW YEAR and…





Enjoy our fun TWIN TAILS of Mason Beach (Book One) trailers at:

https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=AVlaW6sfhaI

https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=LCRj9BIbPVk

…and check out our TWIN TAILS: Song of The Siren (Book Two) trailer at:






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