WHAZZUP, CILLYart? Enjoy Summer… Back To School is on the Way!

I can hardly believe that July is about half-gone?!? Yet there is still lots of summer fun awaiting us, our families & friends before it is back to school! Check out the summer fun within our CILLYart4U KIDS KORNER link today…hurry as July is going, going and soon to be gone!


CILLYart4U's KIDS KORNER - July 2017 header...

…and don’t forget to enjoy the recommended reading, games, crafts and original CILLYart4U MER-coloring pages…just sign up to get these emailed to you for free!

Song of Siren Cover FINAL

I was truly hoping to we would be finished with the proofing/editing process of our TWIN TAILS Book Two, TWIN TAILS: Song of The Siren …but alas, we still have not quite worked out the spacing issues that pop up in our print book file.  However, we are getting closer to its republication! WOO HOO! So now we are taking a serious look at some fun book re-launch events to share with you…with some chance to win free books and a few other MER-related prizes! So stay tuned here on this blog, on our website (www.cillyart4u.wix.com/cillyart4u), on our CILLYart4U & TWIN TAILS by CILLYart at CILLYart4U facebook pages, twitter page, pinterest pages…and you can also follow me on linkedin.com as the author-illustrator, Cindy Bowles! 

Until next time…


CILLYart@CILLYart4U Label...



Enjoy our fun TWIN TAILS of Mason Beach (Book One) trailers at:

https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=AVlaW6sfhaI

https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=LCRj9BIbPVk

…check out the sneak peek of our TWIN TAILS: Song of The Siren (Book Two) trailer at:



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