WHAZZUP, CILLYart? Announcing our TWIN TAILS Book 2 Title…TWIN TAILS: Song of the Siren…& also the Winners of our TWIN TAILS 2 Children’s Contest!


TWIN TAILS: Song of the Siren

TWIN TAILS Book 2 is out officially with the title, TWIN TAILS: Song of the Siren, and we are so excited to announce this to you. Buy this book at your favorite bookstore and/or request it at your local library today! The magical adventures of twin mermaids continue in a mysterious way…and I can hardly wait for you to join in the fun!  I would love to hear how you enjoy the mer-antics of Marina and Perla Perez in their modern world and how the secret of their origin comes out!



TWIN TAILS: Song of the Siren



Please note that our winners were selected by imaginative writing response to the question: What strange creature out there in the ocean is haunting the twin mermaids?

GRAND PRIZE (local AZ winners!):

Kimbelyn M. (Buckeye, AZ): I think the monster was big and scary with spikes. The family ran to a cave to keep safe from the sea monster so he would not eat them. The sea monster ran away from the family.


Rhett F. (Mesa, AZ): Amalin is its name. It is a sea creature!


 Jaxson J. (Mesa, AZ): A mermaid is the sea creature lurking in the window.



Ashlyn S. (UT): The ear splitting shriek might be the monster that they saw in the lagoon. It might look like my picture with yellow eyes, sharp teeth, long fins, and might be like their guard or something.


 Logan P. (UT): Its smooth tail whips out with its weird fin. It has a head of a horse, a body of a whale, and a tail of a sea serpent. That’s not all. It has wings of a giant eagle.


Ashlyn Y. (UT): They looked out the window and saw a…sea monster! It was sent out to find the missing mermaids from the kingdom where they were sent from because there was a war.



Ashley W. (UT): I think it is a sea serpent  they said it had a huge fin going down its back, and they said it had a really long tail like a snake would. In mythical stories, the sea serpent has a long fin and a long tail, so I think it is a sea serpent.


Hayden (UT): I believe it is a strange eel. The eel had something happen to it. The twins are also part of a royal family. The eel is trying to bring them home.


Chloe (UT): I think it’s a sea serpent. Maybe it knows something about the girls’ parents, and it can help them. My second idea is that the monster is the girls’ enemy, and is the new “villain.” (no sea creature illustration submitted)


Isaak L. (UT): I think it is a talking eel. It knew them whey they were little babies.


Samantha (UT): I think it is a giant sea monster, another mermaid or a Kraken.  The mermaid would be their mom. Maybe the water is talking to them.

(This child’s illustration was too light to scan)

Jada H. (UT): I think it is another mermaid calling the names they used to have when they were babies.  It could be their dad or their brother or a relative they had. They are mermaids.

(No illustration submitted with this entry)

We truly enjoyed reading all the entries that were submitted! Even though we wish we had more to read because we did not want to stop reading such creative thought, it was really challenging to select winners among the many imaginative ideas and artistic illustrations that did come in! A super thank you to all that entered!  We are busy arranging for and prepping prizes to be shipped out in upcoming days and weeks. We will be contacting the parents, teachers and youth leaders that helped our selected grand prize, first, second and third place winners enter this book launch contest of TWIN TAILS: Song of the Siren! However, you are all winners, especially if you keep reading, imagining and creating!

Until next time…don’t forget to keep reading, imagining and creating!




Enjoy our fun, TWIN TAILS of Mason Beach (Book One) trailers at:





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