WHAZZUP, CILLYart? Our October 2016 CILLYart4U NEWS is now out…check your inboxes!


Yes, our October 2016 issue of CILLYart4U NEWS just went out to email inboxes last night…so be sure to check yours for brief updates here at CILLYart4U (on Halloween, our current children’s contest, the latest on the publication of TWIN TAILS Book 2…) and a fun look at how a mermaid may want to enjoy Halloween! Check out our original coloring page for this MER-wish for Halloween fun!

If you have not received this brief-n-fun email newsletter for families, be sure to sign up for it today on the home page of our website! Just type in your email under “MY UPDATES…Be the first to know!” and click! Get an update on what’s happening at CILLYart4U and receive free, original coloring pages, many created by CILLYart herself! Subscribe today at:


Hoping that you won’t forget to encourage your children and students (ages 4 to 12 years old) to enter our current children’s contest/literacy event in honor of the publication and release of our second book in the TWIN TAILS Series for, children and families! The title for this TWIN TAILS Book 2 still has yet to be released, but if you participate in the contest…you might be able to figure it out part of it! We need more entries to find our winners and to share some prizes! Check out our contest details on the contest page of our website…and join the fun by entering today! 


Stay tuned for more news about the publication and release of TWIN TAILS Book 2, the children’s contest and more of WHAZZUP here at CILLYart4U! Until next time…

Happy HALLOWEEN...and Keep reading and creating!




Enjoy our fun, TWIN TAILS of Mason Beach (Book One) trailers at:







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