WHAZZUP, CILLYart? Announcing our TWIN TAILS Book 2 Title…TWIN TAILS: Song of the Siren…& also the Winners of our TWIN TAILS 2 Children’s Contest!


TWIN TAILS: Song of the Siren

TWIN TAILS Book 2 is out officially with the title, TWIN TAILS: Song of the Siren, and we are so excited to announce this to you. Buy this book at your favorite bookstore and/or request it at your local library today! The magical adventures of twin mermaids continue in a mysterious way…and I can hardly wait for you to join in the fun!  I would love to hear how you enjoy the mer-antics of Marina and Perla Perez in their modern world and how the secret of their origin comes out!



TWIN TAILS: Song of the Siren



Please note that our winners were selected by imaginative writing response to the question: What strange creature out there in the ocean is haunting the twin mermaids?

GRAND PRIZE (local AZ winners!):

Kimbelyn M. (Buckeye, AZ): I think the monster was big and scary with spikes. The family ran to a cave to keep safe from the sea monster so he would not eat them. The sea monster ran away from the family.


Rhett F. (Mesa, AZ): Amalin is its name. It is a sea creature!


 Jaxson J. (Mesa, AZ): A mermaid is the sea creature lurking in the window.



Ashlyn S. (UT): The ear splitting shriek might be the monster that they saw in the lagoon. It might look like my picture with yellow eyes, sharp teeth, long fins, and might be like their guard or something.


 Logan P. (UT): Its smooth tail whips out with its weird fin. It has a head of a horse, a body of a whale, and a tail of a sea serpent. That’s not all. It has wings of a giant eagle.


Ashlyn Y. (UT): They looked out the window and saw a…sea monster! It was sent out to find the missing mermaids from the kingdom where they were sent from because there was a war.



Ashley W. (UT): I think it is a sea serpent  they said it had a huge fin going down its back, and they said it had a really long tail like a snake would. In mythical stories, the sea serpent has a long fin and a long tail, so I think it is a sea serpent.


Hayden (UT): I believe it is a strange eel. The eel had something happen to it. The twins are also part of a royal family. The eel is trying to bring them home.


Chloe (UT): I think it’s a sea serpent. Maybe it knows something about the girls’ parents, and it can help them. My second idea is that the monster is the girls’ enemy, and is the new “villain.” (no sea creature illustration submitted)


Isaak L. (UT): I think it is a talking eel. It knew them whey they were little babies.


Samantha (UT): I think it is a giant sea monster, another mermaid or a Kraken.  The mermaid would be their mom. Maybe the water is talking to them.

(This child’s illustration was too light to scan)

Jada H. (UT): I think it is another mermaid calling the names they used to have when they were babies.  It could be their dad or their brother or a relative they had. They are mermaids.

(No illustration submitted with this entry)

We truly enjoyed reading all the entries that were submitted! Even though we wish we had more to read because we did not want to stop reading such creative thought, it was really challenging to select winners among the many imaginative ideas and artistic illustrations that did come in! A super thank you to all that entered!  We are busy arranging for and prepping prizes to be shipped out in upcoming days and weeks. We will be contacting the parents, teachers and youth leaders that helped our selected grand prize, first, second and third place winners enter this book launch contest of TWIN TAILS: Song of the Siren! However, you are all winners, especially if you keep reading, imagining and creating!

Until next time…don’t forget to keep reading, imagining and creating!




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WHAZZUP, CILLYart? TWIN TAILS Book 2 is now published and released! Book Launch Events have begun!!!

Back Cover of TWIN TAILS - Song of the Siren...10-2016.jpg

Above is the back cover of my newly published and released TWIN TAILS Book 2…its title is still a bit elusive since it gives clues to our book launch children’s contest going on right now until 11:59 PM on Saturday, October 15th, 2016! So encourage your children and students (ages 4 – 12 years old) to enter right away locally or online! We have winners to find and prizes to give away! Stay tuned for more book launch events and the official release of this book’s title! Check out the details on the contest page of our website at:



Another TWIN TAILS 2 Book Launch event will be this Saturday, October 15th, 2016 in the children’s library room of the MESA PUBLIC LIBRARY: Red Mountain Branch from 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM! Come meet me and enter my children’s contest that ends at 11:59 PM that night! We will be notifying local grand prize winners (by OCT 29th, 2016) for our local MERMAID Party…and more winners for our prizes of books and other mer-things too! Check out this event’s details on our public facebook event page at:




Here is another fun book review by READERS’ FAVORITE on my book one of the TWIN TAILS Series…TWIN TAILS of Mason Beach!

Reviewed by Patricia Reding for Readers’ Favorite:

“One night, while taking a stroll along the beach, Mateo and Marnie discover something extraordinary–a conch shell in which two infant girls are hidden. But for their skin colors which differ, the infants are identical in appearance. Marnie and Mateo take them home and begin the search for their parents. But when none are found, the girls, whom they name Marina and Perla, join their family. So begins Twin Tails of Mason Beach by CILLYart. The fun continues when Mateo and Marnie discover that when Marina and Perla are in salt water, their skin turns scaly, and their legs become tails. All through their growing years, the twins’ parents keep this a secret from them, but eventually, they share it with the girls who are delighted to discover their true nature. They secretly swim in the ocean, and eventually become heroes when a surfer is left stranded during a storm.

It is often the case that younger readers like stories that feature older protagonists. The difficulty can arise when the tales also include issues that are intended only for older readers. But CILLYart has managed, in Twin Tails of Mason Beach, Volume One, to bridge that gap. While most of the story is told after the twins become high school students, this is most certainly a tale for young children and it is one they are sure to enjoy. Complete with enchantment, dangers, a bit of old mermaid folk lore, and two teenage girls who become heroes, young readers will stay engaged and keep turning pages. Better yet, they’ll be able to follow the series!”

Don’t forget to pick up a copy of TWIN TAILS of Mason Beach to read before you read the next book in this magically fun series, TWIN TAILS Book 2 (Title to be officially released by the author on MONDAY, October 17th, 2016), at your favorite bookstore or request it at your local library today!


The above coloring picture depicts the first glimpse by twin mermaids, Perla & Marina Perez, of the mysterious sea creature that haunts them in TWIN TAILS Book 2 of the TWIN TAILS Series of chapter books/mid-grade novels for children & families. How appropriate that this book is being released in the month of Halloween! Full of magical mystery and a tad spooky, you will enjoy reading this book and solving the mystery along with the mermaids, their family and fellow readers! To get access to this coloring picture for your young mer-fans, don’t forget to subscribe to my brief-n-fun monthly email newsletter, CILLYart4U NEWS! Sign up with your email today on the home page of my website under “MY UPDATES…Be The First To Know!”  I look forward to giving you a glimpse of the other fun coloring page for this month next week…just perfect for Halloween too! Sign up by clicking below:



Yes…I am busy prepping for my next STORYBOOK CHEF with CILLYart Class with preschoolers in the City of Tempe for MON morning, 10-17-16! I believe this small story time plus food experience (a witch’s brew…BOO!) class is full this Monday, but contact the City of Tempe’s community services at 480-350-5200 to learn of any availability in my fall STORYBOOK CHEF with CILLYart classes still to come with lots of fall and holiday fun!

Until next time, have a safe...HAPPY HALLOWEEN...and happy reading and creating!




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Yes, our October 2016 issue of CILLYart4U NEWS just went out to email inboxes last night…so be sure to check yours for brief updates here at CILLYart4U (on Halloween, our current children’s contest, the latest on the publication of TWIN TAILS Book 2…) and a fun look at how a mermaid may want to enjoy Halloween! Check out our original coloring page for this MER-wish for Halloween fun!

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Hoping that you won’t forget to encourage your children and students (ages 4 to 12 years old) to enter our current children’s contest/literacy event in honor of the publication and release of our second book in the TWIN TAILS Series for, children and families! The title for this TWIN TAILS Book 2 still has yet to be released, but if you participate in the contest…you might be able to figure it out part of it! We need more entries to find our winners and to share some prizes! Check out our contest details on the contest page of our website…and join the fun by entering today! 


Stay tuned for more news about the publication and release of TWIN TAILS Book 2, the children’s contest and more of WHAZZUP here at CILLYart4U! Until next time…

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