WHAZZUP CILLYart? A 5-STAR “Readers’ Favorite” Award for TWIN TAILS OF MASON BEACH!


YES! It is true and we are excited to share this news with you! We actually received three 5-STAR Book Reviews and critiques from READERS’ FAVORITE and today we will share the first one here:

“Twin Tails of Mason Beach: The Twin Tails Series, Volume 1 is a fantasy novel for children and preteens written and illustrated by CILLYart. Mateo and Marnie loved to walk along the Carolina beaches and were enjoying doing just that when Mateo heard an oddly entrancing melody. He could barely hear it as it was coming from the water/ocean surf or waves. Though Marnie couldn’t hear the music, she was able to discern from Mateo’s words that it was sort of a lullaby. The song directed their attention out to a rocky promontory where a large shell was bobbing in the waters. The two of them dashed out into the surf and were astounded by what they found. It was indeed a giant shell, and nestled inside were two sleeping infants. The couple carried the shell and its cargo up to the shore, and marvelled at the two baby girls. They had long wanted a family of their own, and perhaps they would be able to adopt these two foundlings, if it turned out that they had no parents. In the meantime, they would have to notify the authorities and seek permission to foster the two infants. Mateo and Marnie were excited and hopeful.

CILLYart’s mythological fantasy for children and preteens, Twin Tails of Mason Beach: The Twin Tails Series, Volume 1, is a fun and exciting story about two foundling mermaid sisters who are raised as human children by their adoptive parents. Marina and Perla are just like any other kids they go to school with, except they can never go near salt water. Their parents discovered when the two were infants that contact with salt water acts as a catalyst in transforming them into mermaids. And, yes, they area catalyst in transforming them into mermaids. And, yes, they are superlative swimmers and enchanting singers! Aside from the mythological background, this story touches on issues of adoption and the perception that some children may feel different than the other kids in school because of their adoptive state. Also, while Marina and Perla have different skin tones and hair colors, they are sisters through and through, and their bonds with their parents go every bit as deeply as if their parents were their own flesh and blood.

CILLYart also illustrated Twin Tails of Mason Beach, and her drawings are marvelous. Her panels make the reader feel present at so many of the important events in the two girls’ lives as well as those moments spent with their parents. While the story follows the girls through to their senior year in high school, the content of this book is suitable for children as well as preteens. Twin Tails of Mason Beach: The Twin Tails Series, Volume 1 is highly recommended.”                

Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite


I hope you enjoyed reading Jack’s review and that you’ll especially love reading the TWIN TAILS of Mason Beach! If you haven’t had a chance to enjoy reading this first book of the TWIN TAILS Series, request it at your library or favorite bookstore today. TWIN TAILS Book 2 is in its final stages of publishing and its release is just a few weeks away! Stay tuned for a fun literacy event that your children ages 4 -12 years can participate in to possibly win a free TWIN TAILS Series Book and/or other prizes! I will share more details of this contest right here next week…so stay tuned!













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