WHAZZUP CILLYart? September 2016 CILLYart4U NEWS has arrived with new fun and updates for your young readers!


With the arrival of September 2016…all of our young readers and learners (K-8) should now be back in school! This issue of CILLYart4U NEWS has some fun for back to school, encourages families reading together, and some great news and updates for book one of the TWIN TAILS Series for young readers (GR 2 – 6), TWIN TAILS of Mason Beach…and its sequel in TWIN TAILS Book 2 (Title is yet to be released)! If you have not received this brief, yet fun email newsletter…sign up for it today on our website’s home page by typing in your email under MY UPDATES…Be The First To Know! and click on SIGN UP at:


In celebration of our upcoming TWIN TAILS Book 2 release, there is extra coloring fun for your kiddos in the September 2016 issue of CILLYart4U NEWS too! Feel free to take a photo of your child’s coloring of my coloring pages and email them to me at this special contact-the-author  email address  (twintailsbycillyart4u@gmail.com ) so I can enjoy their artistic rendering of these coloring pages.  I would love to share these with my readers as well!

Be the first to know of our upcoming TWIN TAILS Book Launch Events, including contests for children via  CILLYart4U NEWS blast emails this fall! Stay tuned and…

Keep reading and creating!






Enjoy our fun, TWIN TAILS of Mason Beach (Book One) trailers at:





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