WHAZZUP, CILLYart? The Sleepy Warm Days of Summer…

The Sleepy Warm Days of Summer are Ending!!!

The sleepy days of summer are ending, but the warm days linger here in Arizona far into autumn.  I feel sleepy still and really love to take a happy nappy when I get home from work in the warmth of the late afternoon. However, we are back to school and into long days at our jobs…so vacations are set aside until next year when summer comes around again!

Happy Nappy MERMAID...with BOLD copyright label (summer 2016)

In this train of thought, I imagined myself as a mermaid taking a lazy, happy nappy on a summer day in a quiet area of the cool ocean.  Ahhhh, how I love my happy nappies!  Above is one of the coloring pages to be shared in next month’s CILLYart4U NEWS!  Don’t forget to sign up for this brief, monthly email on the home page of my website…


with your email listed under…“MY UPDATES…Be the first to know!”

Still working on and waiting for those final steps with ROOK PUBLISHING to bring about the mid-grade novel (chapter book), TWIN TAILS Book 2 to my readers of children, families and more this fall! Stay tuned for updated news and book release events with some children’s contests. My CILLYart4U NEWS subscribers will hear these updates first, so become a subscriber today!  Get ready by enjoying Book One of the TWIN TAILS Series, TWIN TAILS of Mason Beach! Be sure to request it at your favorite bookstore or local library today!  

Until next time…Keep Reading & Creating!








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