WHAZZUP, CILLYart? Learning has only just begun…

BACK 2 SCHOOL...a rainbow of learning!

The children here in AZ  are already in their 2nd or 3rd week of school, depending on the school district! The learning has only just begun…or should we say…the learning has just resumed for children and adults alike?! Standing in the grocery store line today behind a couple of young college freshman guys, I sensed their excitement in this first year away from high school, their families and living with their first college roommate! I had to smile at these older teen boys, remembering my own excitement when I first started college…and the excitement of each new school year since I began kindergarten. Whether as a student or the teacher, learning is a great adventure!

MER-boy finds and reaches out for... BOLD Copyright posted 4 CILLYart4U NEWS 8-2016.jpg

Since I am busy writing and illustrating this fun TWIN TAILS Series of mid-grade novels for children & families to enjoy, I pondered how one of my grandsons is starting kindergarten this year and his passion to learn and love for books.  So as I illustrated this MER-boy, I imagine his great curiosity as he reaches out to catch something that has fallen into the sea…possibly from a passing ship or boat from the humans.  Since KJ, my curly, black-haired grandson, is so passionate about books and reading…I imagine him being thrilled at finding a book that may have fallen overboard.  What do you think this MER-boy would be excited to find floating in the ocean?

If your children, students or even you would enjoy coloring this or more of my original CILLYart line illustrations, get access to some of these free by subscribing to my brief, yet fun monthly email updates, CILLYart4U NEWS! Go to my website:


and sign up with your email today on the home page under “MY UPDATES…be the first to know!” By the way…I would love to see how you color my CILLYart silly art!  Please take a photo and email it to me at cillyart4u@gmail.com so I can share your creativity too!

Until next time…HAPPY READING & CREATING!!!






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