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Moonlight MER-surfing...BOLD copyright listed - July 2016

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Moonlight MER-Surfing!

YUP! That is the official title of the above silly art illustration I created this summer when at the beach with my grand-baby, Penelope, as we watched her parents and hundreds of other surfers and swimmers delighting in the ocean waves at Huntington Beach just a couple of weekends ago!  I imagined how much fun mermaids and mermen might have if they found a lost surfboard and rode the waves in the moonlight long after most surfers went home for the day! What a fun way to enjoy summer to its end…even for MER-folk!

Still awaiting news from ROOK Publishing on the book cover, final editing and formatting of TWIN TAILS Book 2…and its official release date! Until then…

Keep reading and creating!





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