WHAZZUP, CILLYart? Drawing with Children = FUN!

CILLYart4U Drawing Class 4 Children...summer 2016

We sure had a lot of fun drawing dragons and mermaids, using simple lines and shapes to create them in my CILLYART4U drawing class this past Saturday morning at the RED MOUNTAIN BRANCH of the Mesa Public Library system! I got to see many of the illustrations of my 30+ students and encouraged them all to keep drawing and creating! We even gave out some door prizes! Will I get invited back to teach again??? I sure hope so!!!
Below is a dragon inspired by young Chloe’s imagination! Gotta love it!!!
Chloe's dragon...summer 2016
I wish I had thought to take more photos of the dragons, mermaids and mermen created on Saturday morning to show you more of the work of our budding young artists!
I just received an email this morning from my publisher…the tentative release date for TWIN TAILS Book 2 is by the first week of October!!! I’m getting excited and preparing little by little for our book launch events and contests for more young winners!!! Stay tuned here for CILLYart4U news, on our website (www.cillyart4u.wix.com/cillyart4u), on facebook, twitter, linkedin.com, goodreads.com, pinterest, in our CILLYart4U NEWS email newsletter and more!
TWIN TAILS Book 2 PROMO with line illustration 20...formal shock
Don’t forget to pick up a copy of book one, TWIN TAILS of Mason Beach, to read how it all began so you are ready for Marina & Perla’s continued magical adventures in book 2! Request it at your favorite bookstore or local library today!!!
Until next time…HAPPY READING & CREATING!!!



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