Whazzup, CILLYart: writing, illustrating & teaching for children!

STORYBOOK CHEF by CILLYart...city of Tempe PROMO photo

I’m still having fun conjuring up mermaid illustrations for my books, projects and fans… but I’m also doing lesson plans for the preschool STORYBOOK CHEF Class by CILLYart that I will be teaching beginning in September for the City of Tempe here in Arizona! Watch for details a-coming…thematic fun for preschoolers, ages 3 to 6 years old!


CILLYart4U NEWS - June 2016 AD PHOTO...

Please don’t forget that it is a new month (Yup…June 2016 is already here and we are cooking in the summer heat here in Arizona!), and it isn’t too late to sign up for our monthly, yet brief email updates and other stuff called CILLYart4U NEWS!  If you haven’t signed-up for this yet, it is easy to do so on the home page of our website:


See our insights, tips and fun coloring pages to print out too. Check out the unique Father’s Day coloring page above…a definite hit for your young mermaid/merman fans!  I love sharing with family, friends, children and their families and more!








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