Memorial Day and Welcome June 2016!

Memorial Day 2016!

Wishing you all a meaningful Memorial Day, reflecting on all who paid their ultimate sacrifice and those who were willing to do what they could to fight for our freedoms, our nation, our communities, our people and our families!  To those families that lost fathers, sons, brothers…and now mothers, daughters, and sisters…may you all be comforted. We have been greatly blessed by those willing to fight for our freedom and protection and have not forgotten!  We here at CILLYart4U and in my family salute and thank you with all our hearts!



Yes, indeedy…school is out for summer vacation here in Arizona!  Our weather has warmed up nicely, but we have been pleasantly surprised that our days are still under the 100 degrees Fahrenheit…and we are not complaining!  It feels a little like late spring has been holding onto us and we are enjoying this! The full summer heat awaits us around the corner.

Thanks to the 4th-5th-6th grade multi-level classes at the Montessori Education Center in north Mesa, Arizona for inviting me to come to your school and share my adventure with you as an author-illustrator of children’s books!  I appreciate how attentively you listened and also the comments and questions you shared.  I am truly impressed with your own, individual book projects and felt honored to sign these for you too.  Keep writing and creating!

I sketched another book cover design of TWIN TAILS Book 2  last night and hope to produce this fun one successfully in my very first try. With the date looming closer to the publication goal of book 2, please wish me luck and success!  I can hardly wait to share this next fun TWIN TAILS adventure with you!

As always, happy reading & creating!


TWIN TAILS Book 2 PROMO with line illustration 20...formal shock.jpg






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