A Strange Week for Us here @ CILLYart4U!

TWIN TAILS of Mason Beach (full cover finished by ROOK Publishing)...It has been a busy week of work, planning and emotion. Another one of my beloved brothers passed away this week unexpectedly, and though while still in shock, we have had to funnel much of our energy and time into being a support to his family.

With this family mourning before us, we also have a trip to Texas next week to greet another new baby arriving to the family and help with meals and other family needs. So while out of town, our computer system here will undergo maintenance so we can be ready to pick up running when I return in mid’ March!

 Upcoming events to look forward to are:

__I will be the AUTHOR of the MONTH at the Mesa Public Libraries in April 2016! Stay tuned here for exact dates, locations and times of when I will be making appearances and sharing with children and families!

__A TWIN TAILS of Mason Beach contest is being formed for some TWIN TAILS mermaid fun and prizes is being scheduled to run in April or May  (I’m personally hoping for April, folks!).

__Book launch of TWIN TAILS Book 2 is being planned for October 2016! Looking forward to sharing these new magical adventures of our modern day mermaids, Marina and Perla Perez!

Until next week’s post…HAPPY READING & CREATING, y’all!









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