A New SNEAK PEEK…and TWIN TAILS Book 2 Publishing Contract Signed!

Here at CILLYart4U, we hope that you have all enjoyed a fun Valentine’s Day this past weekend with your sweetheart, family and friends. In our family, Valentine’s Day is not
just about romance, but love! We’ve got a lot of love for our family and friends as well! May your life be full of great love too!

This past week, I signed the book publishing contract with ROOK Publishing to bring TWIN TAILS Book 2 into reality! WOO HOO! We will keep you posted here on our upcoming official publication and book launch dates this fall…hoping for early autumn 2016! The contest to determine the official name for TWIN TAILS Book 2 was not one
that our publisher wanted to embark on as they are satisfied with the book title I submitted with the TWIN TAILS Book 2 manuscript. However, we will definitely have at least one contest, maybe even two, to prepare everyone for the upcoming book release of TWIN TAILS Book 2 for our young readers, reading families, elementary school teachers, our ESL readers, and any person with a passion to read children’s books-middle grade novels-young adult novels! So, stay tuned to our website and blog here…and also watch for contest and update posts in our socialmedia sites on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Instagram, Tumbler, Goodreads.com…and who knows, we may pick up a few more along the way!

As we await the publication of the second book in the TWIN TAILS Series, we are encouraging all to read and enjoy book one, TWIN TAILS of Mason Beach…and give you a new sneak peek into TWIN TAILS Book 2 to ponder upon: What does that small pearl bouncing into the hand of their friend, Bo Chung have to do with their mystical mermaid secret?

TT BK 2 - COPYRIGHT final story art #9.jpg

For the complete blog post, click on…


Until next week’s post…HAPPY READING & CREATING, y’all!


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