Hello, February…& WHAZZUP, CILLYart?

FEBRUARY 1, 2016 –  Welcome everyone to the month of February once again! It is a chilly, rainy day here in Tempe, AZ but I’m happy to have the rain because we need it here in this Arizona desert and because I’ve been able to enjoy being with one my infant granddaughters as she continues her healing process in the hospital. She truly is a beautiful baby and can hardly wait until I’m allowed to cuddle and kiss her again!

Penelope Platt...early NOV 2015


I have also been busy working on TWIN TAILS Book Series projects…one was getting 2 book trailers on our latest children’s chapter book/mid-grade novel posted on youtube.com for all to see! I’ll post both of their links below for you to enjoy too! The second book project has been to write more into the adventuresome, yet magical story of TWIN TAILS Book 3! Sorry…no sneak peeks yet as we still have to get out the sneak peeks out of TWIN TAILS Book 2, as well as prep for its publication and book launch!


Speaking of sneak peeks…here is the next one for TWIN TAILS Book 2! What is Marina and Perla’s friend, Bo, doing to his hand…and what could it possibly have to do with their BIG family secret of being mermaids?

TT BK 2 - final story illustration #3...History Lesson for the Perez Family begins

Can’t hardly wait for you to be able to read it yourself and hopefully find out this autumn as our target publication,book release and launch dates for TWIN TAILS Book 2 draw nearer! By the way…if you’ve read TWIN TAILS of Mason Beach already, perhaps.. (read the remainder of this blog post at our website link below):


Until then…HAPPY READING, y’all!

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