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Yes…here we are now at wordpress.com to getting out to you, goodreads.com, and other sites a second blog format to connect you all to our website blog, WHAZZUP, CILLYart? and our compl website:


Our previous, long time blogger.com blog disappeared into the vast unknown, and so we are busy creating this one in hopes to better help you find us and connect with us here at CILLYart4U! As the author-illustrator, CILLYart…I will be doing most of the posting because I love to communicate with others, especially through writing and art illustration! Can you tell?

Presently, I am sitting in the hospital room with one my precious infant granddaughters and looking upon her sweet, angelic face as she is having some wonderful moments of good rest in her healing process. I love children and creating for them and families…and so writing and illustrating stories for them is a terrific adventure for me. My children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and many students over the years have inspired me to be a storyteller in word and illustration. This passion has come in handy over the years as I have taught in church, community, and public school settings.

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So stay tuned here as I update you on our children’s book creations. With SOOTYcinders…A Cinderella Tale, A MAGICAL MAIDEN and A MINSTREL, and TWIN TAILS of Mason Beach (all written & illustrated by CILLYart…that’s me!) out, we’ve got TWIN TAILS Book 2 at the publishers and I’ve started writing TWIN TAILS Book 3! Lots more sneak peeks and fun updates to come…so stay tuned here and on our website!

Until then…HAPPY READING, everyone!



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